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Meet Ebenezer's Friends

Welcome to Monstropia

Hello, I'm Ebenezer.  Welcome to my home, Monstropia.  This is where we all live, learn and play.  It's also where we discovered our amazing talents as we learned to lead ourselves.

Let me introduce you to a few of my friends, and give you a chance to learn more about who we are.  You'll also learn a bit about our amazing talents and abilities.

Maybe as you read about our unique abilities, you'll discover a few of your own.

Meet Antwine

Hi my name is Antwine! I am the #1 fashion designer of Monstropia. When I was a little monster I would take my monstrolas and draw pictures of fun clothing. At the age of six my father sent me to a summer design camp. I learned from the absolute best in the industry. Because of my father helping me become better my designs have been featured on the cover of Monster Living.

Fun fact about me: My favorite food is chocolate covered gummy bears.

Meet Asteroid

Hey everyone! My name is Asteroid! My big brother is Antwine the fashion designer. He designs all my clothes. I am young but I am the fastest flyer in all of Monstropia. I have won several flying races this year.  I plan on doing another flyathon soon! A lot of Monstropia do not have wings, but I was born with them. I am a rare monster according to the nurse at the hospital.

Fun thing about me: I love flowers especially flower crowns.

Meet Clue

Good day everyone! My name is Clue. I am a bookmonster. (Otherwise known as a book worm). I have read every book in the library. I even write my own stories! My friends say I should just live in the library. I thought they were serious and one day I spent the night at the library. One day I hope the story of us will reach 1 million human children.

Fun Fact about me- Asteroid and I both have wings... and I LOVE COOKIE CAKE!

Meet Dip and Dot

Hey this is Dip! My sister is Dot we are twin monsters! The only twins in all of Monstropia! Math is my passion! My best friends are in my math club! We have it three times a week after school. I host it and help all my friends who are struggling with math. I have seen so much growth in all the other monsters!

Fun fact- I love fruit salad!

Hey Everyone! I am Dot. I am the second twin! I am a baker and cake decorator. My cakes have been all over Monstropia! Even the mayor had one of my cakes! My secret ingredient is (vanilla bean chocolate chips) for my frosting! I love vanilla bean. You would too! My cakes help monsters by bringing everyone together!

Fun thing about me- Dot actually introduced me to baking and cake decorating.

Meet Dr. Lime

Hello everyone. I was told to be "exciting" and "fun". So here it goes...My name is Mr. Lime I am a principal. I have learned to really love my job and teaching my students. I have a great little school!

Fun thing about me- I actually am an electric guitar player.

Meet Ein J. Stein

Hello my name is Mr. Ein. J. Stein. My mother always told me I would grow up to be a genius. She was right. She helped me become a genius. I am a teacher of a great group of students! I absolutely love my job. It's grown to be amazing.  

Fun fact about me- I collect bow ties!

Meet Mr. Stan

Hello... I am the bus driver. I teach classes on safety. My job is super fun. I get to carry my favorite whistle and wear a fun hat every day. It is a very rewarding job. I have two twin monster cats!

Fun fact about me- I love my monster cats!

Meet Mr. Lincoln

Hey Hey Hey! I am the janitor. I get to add value to all the students by helping clean their messes at school and out of school. I have been able to help so many students get through tough situations. My janitor closet is always neat and tidy and in the back of my closet. I hide away my cheesecake cookies. I also love running!

Fun thing about me- I know a human who is just like me!

Meet Patches

Hey guys my name is Patches but everyone else calls me Raptor. Why? I am a dinosaur costume maker. It is my job when I am not in school. I wear my costumes ALL THE TIME. I love them. They are soft on the inside and very detailed on the outside. Ebenezer wants me to make him one.

Fun fact about me- Ebenezer is my best friend.

Meet Tinsel

Hey! I am Tinsel. I am a musician. I create songs and piano pieces for my class and my friends. It is so much fun. I use to be very very shy but I am not shy anymore. Ebenezer helped me overcome that!

Fun fact about me- I LOVE BANANAS (I have a banana costume)

Meet Zoe

Hello I am Miss Zoe. I am the art teacher. I have created over 5000+ pieces of artwork. My job is so fun. On Mondays I bring in a secret homemade snack for my class. They always look forward to my tasty creations. One time I mixed gummy monster candy and chocolate cookies. The class loved it!  

Fun thing about me- My house has an indoor trampoline.

Meet Ebenezer

Hey! You know me already I am Ebenezer. I dream of having my own late show for people to come chat with me. I love making a difference and I love my friends.

Fun thing about me- My favorite show is "The Conference Room"
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